High Summer Days

It’s so rare here to get a “proper” summer in July & August but this year we did. And boy did we love those lingering light summer days when it feels it’s never going to get fully dark again.


The energy flows and it makes such a difference. Not just for us but in the garden too – on some days felt I could almost see flowers and plants popping up in front of me.

Dealing with the masses of courgettes, onions and tomatoes became a daily challenge as we rushed to pick, chop, roast, freeze whatever – every cooking/preserving method you can think of.


Fortunately for us, our biggest customer “Lakeland Photographic Holidays” based in Braithwaite lapped up everything we offered and we enjoyed the rest. By the end of the summer we’d definitely tried every permutation of courgette & squash recipe – ratatouille, soups, pasta sauces, cakes, muffins, fritters!


Anyone walking the Coast to Coast or Cumbrian Way this summer would have had unparalleled amazing weather and views. Being only half a mile from both, we are the perfect stopping point. Some folk choose to have their luggage driven on, leaving them free to enjoy walking unencumbered with heavy rucksacks, especially in the heat.


Sounds the perfect way to do it! A 2-night stop is recommended giving guests a welcome day off and they love the contrast of pottering around Keswick, all very gently before heading for the hills again…