Blue Poppies, Festivals & Elderflower

The shortcut I took last November worked! Let me explain! I am so pleased – to cut down on time, rather than digging 3 separate holes for tulips flowering consecutively, I cheated by digging one larger hole and popping all 3 in.


Bit of a risk as never read that in those gardening books but so thrilled when a wonderful display of “Lollipops” emerged! They were a wonderful addition to the wedding flowers I grew for a lovely wedding at Cote How in Rydal in May. The bride and her female relatives all came one morning with baskets and cutting scissors. 2 hours later they left happy with their pickings and a car full of flowers. Seasonal, fresh, local and specially chosen. They were thrilled and had a wonderful wedding the following day.


When we started doing B & B, people in the know advised us that guests would love coming here, would tell their friends about us and return. I still have to pinch myself, this is really the case! We love the fact that many do return and it’s such a great pleasure getting to know people. I love the mixture every year of returning guests and new ones too. Here’s a lovely piece written by one: Frills and feathers


For years I’ve wanted to visit Dalemain in Meconopsis – Himalayan Blue Poppy season and this year I did. What an absolutely amazing sight – I felt like I was in a Himalayan valley with the lush greenery and swathe of bright blue poppies in front of the purple rhododendrons – my words don’t do it justice at all but honestly, so beautiful, truly.


I cannot recommend a visit to Dalemain (half an hour from here) in early June enough. Serves as a reminder of how many fascinating gardens and homes there are in these parts.

June is also elderflower time when I take to the lanes and hedgerows clutching large bags, secateurs and big loppers for those tall branches, foraging I go! I’m very particular where I go so avoid all possible car-fumes & other pollutants – not difficult in this area.


Then upon return I set to and the house fills with that lovely fragrant, sort of vintage, essence of summer scent. As the ‘season’ is pretty short, my family find me getting up at all hours to go and “harvest”. But they know how very worthwhile it is & when you’ve had a hard day’s work, or walk and are sitting relaxing with a glass of cold fresh elderflower cordial, the world does indeed seem a good place.

This is THE festival season here – kicking off with the Jazz, followed by the Mountain and then the Beer – three completely different ones in the space of a few weeks each bringing a separate cohort of visitor. We love them all and makes for such an interesting vibrant feel to what is after all, a small market town. Very special!