Autumn Colour & the Alhambra

We’d long dreamt of an Indian summer here and this year it came – bringing flocks of lovely guests, warm bright sunny days, ripening fruit & produce from the garden and above all, everyone was smiling.

Sounds simplistic I know but here the weather makes ALL the difference and I’ve never known an autumn go so quickly.


Children back to school, this is the time for their parents & grandparents to take a well-deserved break. September is for many their favourite time to walk and explore these stunning hills and lakes, when the sun still has some warmth but the evenings are drawing in. Some of the days this year were absolutely stunning with that fantastic autumn light.


The interesting thing too is that you don’t have to go very far away to get away from people if you want! So many folk go up the “front” of Skiddaw – the giant that straddles Keswick, but go further round the back and you may walk for hours and hardly see a soul. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at ‘Skiddaw House’ a hundred years or so ago and listened to the conversations… hostels/hotels with no vehicular access look & feel completely different and have a special appeal of their own.


Much has been written about Keswick’s idiosyncratic cinema “The Alhambra” but it really is wonderful and well worth a visit. Think of it in its own right & don’t even try & compare it to an Odeon… And this year things got even better with live streaming of top-quality theatre, opera, ballet etc etc. Imagine – you can do be doing whatever you normally do or on holiday here and then in the evening be transported to the National Theatre, the Royal Opera House or RSC – but even better – it’s a fraction of the price, no pressure to dress up nor expensive parking.


Plus so thoughtfully Tom provides free drinks during the interval. It’s warm, inviting and very civilised – to be recommended. This is only 10 minutes’ walk from here. You can be on the fells all day then watching something totally amazing that same evening, all washed down with some excellent local fare. Fantastic. We are so fortunate to have this amazing facility!